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Integrated Communications

Fairfield Index provides a full range of comprehensive communications services for clients, with options for drawing in fresh research and business insights, market data, and on-demand consulting support. 

Our customized plans for economic development, workforce and regional talent delivery systems, education, and member-driven organizations draw on the firm’s deep subject matter expertise.

Our strategic communications support has been used by numerous governors and elected officials, economic development organizations, private sector corporations, major research universities, global non-profits, and workforce boards. 

Integrated Communications Planning

Our integrated communications planning is a customized platform for clients seeking to understand the context of their “playing field”, increase investor engagement, manage complex community issues, clarify convoluted value propositions, or mitigate potential or emerging crises. 

Task Force Projects and Program Offices

Our Task Force solutions provide reliable solutions for communities and clients facing strategic and competitive issues that require fiduciary/board engagement, partner and stakeholder input, or incorporation of public and community dialogue. These solutions are also helpful for clients who need to rely on an independent third party to manage a complex process that requires candor from boards of directors, community partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

Task Force projects are managed along a timeline of key expectations and milestones, and clients have the option of leveraging Fairfield Index for full support on areas of outreach, team/project branding, scheduling, meeting moderation/facilitation, and research. Our consultants are highly skilled at managing complex processes around difficult competitive issues, maintaining discipline-to-timeline, encouraging candor and efficiency during Task Force discussions, and helping our clients reach and surpass their objectives.

Our Program Offices are customized centers of coordination and status, which provide clients, who otherwise do not have the resources or staff capacity to manage and communicate complex projects, to move forward with confidence.

Enterprise Goals® (Strategic Planning)

Our model for strategic planning and organizational transformation led to the successful launch of the newest regional partnership in the United States, re-engineering of state economic and talent delivery systems, and successful rescue of threatened employers in distressed markets. We have garnered best practices accolades for clients ranging from community foundations to sophisticated regional chambers of commerce to state departments of commerce and of labor. Read more...

Community Workshops and Forums

Community workshops can serve as platforms for input collection, testing ideas before longer strategic planning efforts, forums for learning with experts, and opportunities to conduct live/real-time diagnostics with key participants. 

When you need to get the right players together for a meaningful discussion, we can help at every step. Fairfield Index has designed powerful, lasting forums for clients ranging from state, county, and municipal government agencies to global non-profits and think tanks. We can help you identify the right panelists and experts, design a manageable agenda, build the right announcement messages, target your audiences for participation, and even provide moderation and electronic polling for your forum or event.


Community Outreach Strategies and Economic Development Community Positioning

We offer a full suite of services for clients looking to engage broad stakeholder and public audiences, reach the right industry partners for input, or thoughtfully manage strategic initiatives in the public view. We can help you identify and engage the right team whether you need select c-suite business leaders from a target industry, the right education and workforce experts and leaders, or top subject matter experts (SMEs) on transportation or water resources. We understand the importance of transparency in strategic initiatives, and build outreach processes that engage and inspire.

For Economic Development Community Positioning, we draw on deep site selection experience in the private sector, and trend this experience to support the positioning efforts of economic development clients. We understand how decisions are made across numerous industries, and can help you navigate the best approaches to position your most critical assets. Our positioning efforts for economic develop can be customized to incorporate input from partners, boards of directors, and key stakeholders; and to integrate fresh business insights from target industries and key talent pipeline partners.

Crisis Communications

We live in an age of all-access information, with 24-hour media cycles, and an internet that is always on. The realm of public discourse can seem bigger and more unmanageable than ever before, although the demands for proof of value and return may seem greater than ever. In all our strategic communications services, we strive to help our clients stay ahead of the game and avoid the crisis. If you are facing a serious reputation challenge, or fear one may be emerging, Contact us. 

Economic Development Asset Positioning

We can help you competitively position your community or region, using fresh and reliable data and business intelligence and peerless support on messaging to prospects and partners.

Speech Writing, Editorial Support, and Message Management

We have discretely developed powerful, effective speeches and editorial content for a range of media outlets and public forums, delivered by numerous governors, top business executives, and leaders. Our clients can now take advantage of our speech writing and messaging capacity as a distinct service or as part of an integrated communications platform. 

We provide in-person and virtual coaching and support tools for leaders preparing for media briefings, investor pitches, and a range of public speaking engagements.