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Enterprise Goals©

Fairfield Index's model for and enterprise transformation led to the successful launch of the newest regional partnership in the United States, shifts in state economic and talent delivery systems, the rescue of threatened employers in distressed markets, and has best practices accolades for clients ranging from community foundations to sophisticated regional chambers of commerce to state departments of commerce and of labor. Our team starts with a comprehensive situation assessment. Then, we develop a plan with you and your stakeholders. We customize a plan of work, and shepherd integrated processes of change and transformation. We show you how to stay focused on the context that matters most: media and community relations, staff transitioning, community partner positioning, emerging data, metrics and long-term agenda development, messaging, and sustainability. Fairfield Index works closely with economic development and business retention teams, regional partnerships, government organizations, private companies, centers of education and training, and not-for-profits.

The distinguished needs of you and your enterprise are the priority and the starting point. Large governments, Fortune 500s, and not-for-profits have adopted our Enterprise Goals© model. Through our model, global foundations and corporations have emerged as investors in healthy, sustainable communities, with a clear understanding of the connection to their scorecards. We test assumptions with rigor, and take new ideas to market with integrated communications and custom marketing programs.

We listen, and help you take action to improve coordination, and translate complex aspirations or questions into meaningful and sustainable actions.

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