Helping companies, communities, and collaboratives become more competitive.
Leading the way for regional alignment, priorities, and impacts.

Leadership Strategies, Alignment, and Delivery


Fairfield Index has helped leaders renew aspirations and strategies in all sectors since 2001. We are distinguished by our insistence on ultimate implementation and measurement. Our project resources involve fiduciaries in a manner that leaves boards, at the end of the process, smarter, better informed, and highly engaged. We help leaders understand the values of new ideas and competitive behaviors, while honoring obligations to good governance, policies, and compliance systems. Our alignment systems across jurisdictions and enterprises allow clients to build capacity through partnerships.

Our Portfolio of Strategic Planning Services (Fairfield SPS) include:

  • Full-service Vision and Strategy Program Office – We Stick with Your Board and Resource their Work Every Step of the Way, from Eight Weeks to 24 Months

  • Enterprise Goals© Planning – We Apply Our Best Practice to Reform the Board “Book”, Orient Leaders, Track Progress, and Inspire Investors and Members Read More...
  • Competitive Analyses – Changing Conditions, Response to Policy Reforms, New Entrants, Peers, Emerging Measures and Marketing, and Conflicts/Crises/Litigation

  • Brand Analysis and Reform – See Integrated Communications

  • Capacity-building Practices – We help Leaders take Good Ideas to Messages and Promises that Drive Engagement and Investment

  • Regional Priority Diagnostics – We Understand How Diverse Leadership Groups best Come Together to Set Priorities and Allocate Work for their Communities

  • Board Engagement Diagnostics – We Help Fiduciaries Explore their Own and Peer Engagement, Motivations, Fears, and Expectations to Drive to Higher-performing Boards

  • Community and Partner Alignment / Collaborative Systems for All Sectors – We help Communities Map Relationships Across All Sectors AND Ensure Action, Mutual Success, and Efficiency

  • “C-suite” Panels, Task Forces, and Roundtables – We Form and Inspire Participation in Structured Settings to Test Ideas and Gather Original Intelligence, when Key Leaders and Experts are not Otherwise Available or Comfortable

  • Implementation and Launch Resources – We Structure and Provide Third Party Support of Outstanding Summits, Orientations, Workshops, Analysts’ Meetings, and Press Conferences

  • Tracking Tools – We link Strategy to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Progress

  • Catalytic Engagements – We Provide Consulting and Technical Delivery of Electronic Polling for Complex Audiences

  • Product Inventory – We take a Fresh, Third-party Look at Historical Resources, Data Warehouses and Reports, Enterprise Performance, and Track Records

Who has utilized the Fairfield SPS? Chambers of Commerce, Regional Partnerships, State-level Government Executives, Workforce Boards, Fortune 500s, Regional Talent Collaboratives, Innovation Task Forces, Colleges and Universities, Departments of Commerce, and Philanthropies.