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Talent Delivery Systems & Education Reform (Expanded Page)

Fairfield Index provides reliable, effective solutions for leaders who desire to explore the underlying requirements for “talent competitiveness”.

We engage at four levels:

  1. Leadership Collaboratives and Partnerships who desire to align programs and advance a robust and responsive “talent pipeline” for their regions and communities;
  2. Organizations, Agencies and Private Sector Enterprises who want to examine and improve their talent/workforce delivery systems;
  3. Program Design and Implementation; and
  4. Program Compliance and Performance relative to grants, philanthropic scorecards, and progress to goals.

Creation and Management of Community, Regional, and State Talent Platforms

More and more communities are communicating economic growth potential and competitiveness by positioning critical data ON TALENT before investors of capital and job creators. To make this possible, a broad multi-sector engagement is required.

 Regional winners have a disciplined, data-driven approach to curriculum alignment, gathering employer needs and outlooks for skills, and student success. Successful regions commit to a new understanding of lifelong learning, lifelong “up-skilling”, and lifelong wealth creation for residents. Successful regions have the guts to set clear aspirations for college access and completion, certifications and continuous learning.

 Fairfield Index uses a “four-quadrant” approach to improving conditions for sharing data and setting goals, which includes: employers and their best experts in the field; the resident workforce delivery system, including workforce boards; the centers of higher education, research and P-12; and the civic or independent sector, including early learning coalitions and healthy communities advocates.

 Fairfield Index brings proven convening and project systems to the conversation. The firm documents in the context of the community’s culture and values. The firm helps leaders focus on outcomes and the incremental steps needed to show progress. The firm connects leaders with data and peers, and creates the metrics that inspire investments, grants and other resources.

Market Diagnostics

Market diagnostics provide clients with high confidence when making decisions about strategy, scorecards, and the use of precious dollars. Fairfield Index is accomplished at providing third-party examinations of clients’ peers, new initiatives, and new approaches. Market diagnostics are a learning tool for fiduciaries and other leaders, and a way to ensure efforts are not duplicated. Fairfield Index’s diagnostic tools also create pathways for peer sharing and support over time, and promote alignment within and across jurisdictions.

Skills Movement Communications

The skills movement is gaining momentum. There is increasing frustration across American communities as dated approaches to education pathways fail to prepare students and workers for current and emerging jobs, and personal and family debts from college costs tamp down the success of many. Meanwhile, businesses across myriad high-value industries struggle to access adequate pipelines of skilled, prepared talent for their workforces.

In too many cases, community partners, including students and parents, don't realize the value and opportunities that reside along many career pathways in industries traditionally identified as "blue collar" or "skilled". We understand where skills and value align - for the learner/worker and for the community and industry. We can customize a targeted marketing and communications strategy to increase awareness of jobs values, inform partners and the community about career pathways and specific resources, and engage the community at the right levels for the talent initiatives that matter most for personal and community prosperity.

Employer Diagnostics

Employer Diagnostics provide clients real-time insights from select business leaders or hiring directors. As a trusted convener of business and industry leaders and public sector agencies, we will build a powerful roster of executives for your diagnostics, construct an insightful survey tool, and provide you with the reliable, current input you need to understand how employers are making hiring and growth decisions today, what will impact those decisions in the future, and how you can best align the talent pipeline of your community to meet those needs.

STEM Collaborative

Our STEM Collaborative solution is available to clients ready to engage partners and resources around shared STEM efforts, or tackle implementation of key STEM initiatives and goals. We can customize support for clients across all levels of sophistication, providing access to our research competencies, graphic design and marketing illustration, workforce and education systems analysis, policy analysis, and economic development competencies. We can also support various levels of outreach and messaging needs, project management, and meeting moderation.